Renting Saves You Money!

"I'm not sure they'll stick with it!" This is the main concern that parents of beginning band students express to us. We have designed our rental programs to solve this issue and allow parents and beginning students, feel more comfortable with their choice.
  • With either of our rental programs, you can exchange your instrument at any time. This allows your child to find the instrument that is the perfect instrument...for them. Renting an instrument allows you to exchange an instrument for another with no loss of credit if they change their mind. Wouldn't it have been nice if you could have exchanged that tennis racket for a soccer uniform?
  • No, risk, no obligation! Our rental programs have no long term contract, no cancellation penalties, no minimum rental period.
  • Renting also gives your child the opportunity to learn how to take care of an instrument. We offer maintenance and replacement coverage on all of our instruments. High quality starter level instruments like the one you will rent from us are designed to be easy for beginners to play and stand up to rough handling by inexperienced players.
  • You have up to 13 months to determine if your child will be successful and desires to stay with the band program before committing to a purchase. We will give you all of the rental monies that you pay towards the rental instrument towards the purchase of a high quality performance level instrument. A performance level instrument will allow them to continue to play throughout middle school, into high school and even college.

Why Portman's Is Your Best Choice

Portman's Music has been the force in Music Education in Georgia and much of South Carolina for 85 years. Our store, with a staff of professional musicians and educators, is the choice of over 250 Music Educators in this part of the U.S.
  • We are serious about making music. We employ musicians, ex-band directors and music educators. At Portman's, we pride ourselves of providing you more than just products. We offer years of musical knowledge and experience.
  • In addition to our one-of-kind rental plans, we have 4 stores throughout Georgia located in Savannah, Augusta, Brunswick and Albany. Each retail location includes our Portman's Music Academy. Select our music lessons / Academy link on our website to learn about music lessons, group courses, summer music camps and our certified instructors!
Don't be fooled by stores who only carry instruments once a year. Where will they be when you need help?  Our degree holding Educational Representatives service our programs with weekly scheduled visits to your school!!

Give your child a chance!
Music educators and parents have shown concern over the appearance of cheap and poorly made instruments in national chain stores. These instruments are made of inferior materials and feature poor workmanship that allows them to be sold at very low prices. They are difficult to play and often impossible to repair-guaranteeing your child will not succeed in band. Rent or purchase your instrument from an Educator approved Music Store that wants every child to succeed.

Start your rental now!