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Ukulele Camp - June 3-7

Cost: $125 per student

10-11 am for Ages 6-11

11 am - 12 pm for Ages 12-up

An introduction to Ukulele for beginners. Learn to play chords, basic strumming techniques and learn to play easy songs. Bring your own ukulele!

Rock Camp - Ages 11-17

Cost: $165 per session

June 10-14

July 8-12

For students who want to play in a rock and roll band! The band will consist of one drummer, one keyboard player, one lead guitarist, one rhythm guitarist and one bassist. During the week, the band will rehearse 3-4 songs under the guidance of an experienced professional coach. At the end of the week, the band will play a show!

Guitar Camp - June 17-21

$165 per student

Ages 10 and up

An introduction to the most popular instrument! Students will learn chords, basic strumming techniques and learn to play easy songs. Students also learn about tuning a guitar, changing strings and basic maintenance.

Piano Camp - June 24-28

$165 per student

Ages 10 and up

Learn to play the piano! In this fun and interactive camp for beginners, students will learn the musical alphabet, not reading and rhythm. Melody and harmony will also be covered, and students will learn to play simple songs.

Summer Band - July 15-19

Cost: $50 if student rents from Portman's;

$65 if the student doesn't rent from Portman's.

Middle School - 10 am - Noon

Brass Quintet - 1-3 pm

Middle School Band

Open to all middle school band students on woodwind, brass instruments and percussion to sharpen their skills!

Brass Quintet

Open to all high school students - be a part of a small ensemble consisting of 2 trumpets, 1 trombone, 1 French horn and 1 tuba. Rehearse several musical pieces for quintet ensembles.




 Guitar Camp - Ages 8-12
June 10-14
July 8-12
No experience needed and students will learn the basics: chords, strumming and guitar maintenance.

Guitar Camp - Ages 13-18
June 17-18
July 15-19
A GREAT introduction to guitar for older beginners!
Guitars can be rented for $25.
Visit the store or call Kayce Allen at (706) 738-1651 to register!