In this Agreement, the customer is identified as “I”, “me”, or “my” and PORTMAN’S MUSIC, INC is identified as “you”, “yours” and “Portman’s Music”. You guarantee that the instrument described below will be delivered to my child in good playing condition.

1. Instrument information:

2. Total down payment: $ + $ maintenance
(In the event this agreement is cancelled before delivery of the instrument, the down payment will be retained)

3. Monthly lease payment: $ + $ maintenance

4. OTHER CHARGES: A. Reinstatement Fee $5.00 B. In Home Collection Fee $25.00
$5.00 per month will be added to each lease payment to provide preventative service and maintenance for the Instrument pursuant to Portman’s Extended Service and Maintenance Policy. This is not a part of the Cost of Lease Services disclosed in paragraph 5.

5. COST OF LEASE: If I renew this Lease Agreement each month for the required additional payments, I may pay a total of the current retail price plus tax and service fees to own the instrument. This total includes the down payment as shown in item 2 above.

AGREEMENT TO LEASE: I agree to lease the Instrument described above, and to pay the down payment as shown. I will pay another monthly lease payment of $ + $ maintenance on or before its first payment due date, and on or before the same day of each successive month, for each month or part of a month until I either terminate this Agreement by returning the Instrument to you, or until I have made the required total of payments for ownership of the instrument.

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