DIGILIVE08C Studio Master 8 Channel Digital Mixer

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The Studiomaster Digilive 8C is a Simple to use interface with 3 operation modes FULL BASIC LOCK (lock mode only allows fader/media operation). The Digilive 8C has 4 band parametric EQ HPF and intuitive operation SAVE EQ TO PRESETS (basic mode converts EQ to 4 band fixed). Analogue inspired bus/effect routing, double tap the faders to get fast to zero EASY TO VIEW BUS ROUTING (you can even choose pre or post fade). High quality compression and gate dynamics, save presets to your library for easy recall, basic mode gives simple one control (easy to understand graphical display). Media player with simultaneous recording, play multiple formats from MP3 to WAV, ONE TOUCH OPERATION TO PLAY (records L/R main mix in stereo WAV). 31 band graphic on L/R main mix outputs, easy to use and save to your library, FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR MIX (double tap the control to centre the fader).

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